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Ticked Tuesday: Google

Yes, it's on Saturday, it's a special edition

I'm mad. Like Really mad here, enough to actually put down Google itself and write a Ticked Tuesday on a Saturday, so here's the story.

I use Google Apps with my domains, it manages all of my emails and makes calendars and docs a little be easier to share when needed. Normally, this is awesome. I also access my personal email through my phone (though apps, so still gives a general gMail interface when access on my computer). Up until yesterday, this worked great I just used pop to get everything. Then they added in a little damn button of fucking-retarded.

Now, under Settings->Forwarding and POP/IMAP You have to select to enable POP. Well would have been nice if they let us know. When my email just stops working on my phone, I assume by default it's my service provider. So they say they're fine, Google should always be fine. An hour later I find the button.

Short form: Let us know when you decide to be asshats, thanks. (continue reading &aquo;)
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Make some wings, then learn to fly

Ever wanted wings? I know I have. But the true question is: Feathered wings or Dragon wings?

Well now you don't have to choose, you can make both for just a few bucks.

Head on over to the great How to make a pair of Angel Wings by T0BY @ Instructables . These are very well done and use real feathers. On top of that, they are able to open and look very real (I suppose being real feathers does technically make them real, huh?) This is definitely the coolest way to go if you want any sort of feathered wings, store bought suck.


Check out the awesome How to Make Moving Dragon Wings video by gryphern @ YouTube. These are very cool, especially with the material they used. The fact that they also are able to be expanded on will makes these that much more realistic. Not to mention, these are made tough as nails. Heck, they may even be able to survive trying to fly off the top of a building: But you won't.

Now that you ahve your wings, how to do fly? "The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss." (continue reading &aquo;)
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I am Batman Pac-Man

Let's stick with some gaming fun here. To follow up with the totally badass furniture that I showed last week, I have found some more cool Pac-Man stuff that I would love to own.
First off, the Pac-Man Hoodie from Think Geek. If this doesn't confuse people and earn you 100 exp, nothing will.

Dot Overdose t-shirt from Dead Zebra. Friends don't let friends OD on Dots...But they do buy them the shirt.

And the last one for today (though not pac-man inspired) is the Most Deadly shirt from Busted Tees. You may recognize this from Perfect Dark (or maybe you don't if you suck at it) but even the biggest lamer *cough DEL cough* can pretend to be old school now. (continue reading &aquo;)

Oct. 9th, 2008

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Vampire Game

Vampire game

One of the only shojou manga I have ever read. Started reading not knowing it was shojou since I tend to keep away from them as they are targeted towards a female audience. Since it is a story mainly targeted at females, it has some story elements that I didn't really like sometimes even though the overall story was really good.

Vampire Game is about the reincarnation of Vampire king, Duzell, who died 100 years ago in a fight with King Phelios who defeated him using a powerful spell that sacrifices the caster. Duzell vows to reincarnate after 100 years to get revenge and destroy the reincarnation of Phelios. Fast forward to the present: The descendants of King Phelios are all fighting for the throne, like you'd expect from any royal family. Princess Ishtar, the main character of the story, is 15 years old and currently first in line to the throne. She is a willful and troublesome princess, always causing trouble for her head bodyguard Darres. She escapes the palace one day as usual causing trouble only to happen upon the reincarnated Vampire King Duzell, who is in the body of a cat. She adopts the cat and promises to help him find the reincarnation of her ancestor Phelios so he can kill him. Through out the 15 volumes they set out to find who in the royal family is the reincarnation of King Phelios; all the while trying to stay ahead of power hungry royals aiming for the throne and Ishtar's head. Full of political intrigue, Vampire game is a an excellent manga with lots of twits and turns to keep any reader entertained till the very end. (continue reading &aquo;)
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A Gamer's home is his castle

*may or may not include princess*
I don't know about you, but Pac-Man seems to constantly have an impact on my life. It may come in the form of a T-shirt from a friend, or eating dots on the ground, it's always there. But after a long day of chasing ghosts, wouldn't you like to just put your feet up? Me too, so buy me this footstool thanks.

While you're at it, buy me this medal for being epicly old skool too. Console Wars Veteran
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